Expert Readers are Strategic!

Each DiscoverLit Kit contains literacy activities that build knowledge about, reinforce, and also extend learning in the following six literacy areas:

  1. Phonemic Awareness= a focus on the individual sounds in speech, which leads to sounds letters make.
  2. Phonics/Word Study= the alphabet, making words and studying the patterns of letters and their sounds together, and the meaning of words​.
  3. Fluency= reading words automatically, accurately, smoothly, expressively, and in phrases or cadences like speech.
  4. Comprehension= the way we make sense out of what we read. Within comprehension, there are another set of strategies that help​ kids make sense out of what they read. We teach all of those!
  5. Vocabulary= the meaning(s) of words.
  6. Writing= the production of words and ideas. Writing is a reflection of one's thinking.

In addition to literacy, our Kits ​include activities in science, math, art and/or history to extend learning. The knowledge kids gain while reading about content concepts is what makes learning ENGAGING and RELEVANT!