Discover How To Engage Your Child

DiscoverLitKits were created by two busy moms who happen to be reading experts and educators. Our passion is helping kids LOVE to read! Our 20 years as colleagues and friends has turned into this MISSION! We are excited to help you learn the ways that will help your children LOVE, we mean REALLY LOVE, to learn!


Emily Swan, Ph.D., Owner and CEO, is an expert in K-12 reading and reading engagement processes, a master teacher, a literacy and motivation consultant, and author. Her book, entitled Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction (CORI): Engaging classrooms, Lifelong Learners (2003, Guilford Press), is a research-based literacy framework for teaching kids how to be expert, engaged, lifelong readers. Emily is a reading professor in the Center for Reading and Literacy at the University of Utah. She has received outstanding teaching awards from the College of Education and she received the Student Choice Award, which is a University-level teaching award. Emily is a former elementary teacher, has worked at the Utah State Office of Education, and has written and led federal grant projects in Salt Lake City Schools and in Iowa. She has also conducted countless professional development seminars and classes in school districts and schools all over the country focusing on engaging readers and writing curriculum to engage readers of all ages. Emily has taught Reading Camps privately, teaching kids how to improve their reading skills and increase their motivation to read. She authored a Great Literature Program (grades K-6) for her children's school to help increase reading engagement. Her passions are reading, teaching, collaborating, and empowering others. Emily is a loving wife and mother of two children and lives in Salt Lake City, UT.

Michelle Roderick, M.Ed., Partner and Curriculum Specialist is a reading expert, teacher and master curriculum development. She has written curriculum for the Utah State Office of Education’s STAR Tutoring Program and co-authored Federal Grants for State Literacy Projects. She taught high school, worked as a middle school reading coach and most recently, taught college level reading courses at the University of Utah. She is an expert in K-12+ literacy and holds a Level 2 Reading Endorsement. Michelle currently serves on the Salt Lake Mayor’s Early Childhood Learning and Literacy Action Team and worked as the Assistant Director of the Center for Reading and Literacy at the University of Utah. Michelle is passionate about reading and she works tirelessly in her own children’s schools to support the efforts of teachers and students! Michelle is a devoted wife and mother of three kids. She lives in Salt Lake City, UT.


What research says:

Teaching your child to LOVE learning can change their lives forever. In this global economy it is CRUCIAL that children not only learn to read and to read well, BUT THEY NEED TO LOVE TO LEARN so they can be productive and contributing members of our society. When your child learns to LOVE reading and LOVES learning, they have unlimited choices ahead of them. People who read learn interesting and exciting things. Children who read often and who read about a variety of topics are 200-400% smarter than children who don't read. Reading increases vocabulary, which improves comprehension of books, and increases motivation to continue reading. Children who read are exposed to more words, gain more background knowledge, and continue to improve academically, compared to children who don't read or who read very little. The gap between children who read A LOT and children who don't read much becomes wider and wider as children who LOVE reading continue to read. This GAP can't be bridged any other way. Children who love to read excel in other areas of their lives such as sports and other extracurricular activities. Avid readers are less likely to use drugs, drop out of school, or make other poor choices. Children who read are more likely to continue their education, pursue passions, and figure out ways to contribute to society in positive and meaningful ways.

If you are willing to learn from us, we can empower you to teach your children how to LOVE learning... not just for school, but for LIFE. Join us!


Our Approach

The research-based, guiding principles that we teach in our DiscoverLit Kits each month are based on ways to motivate and engage readers intrinsically! This means we teach kids to love learning because it is FUN to get SMART, not because they are getting stickers or points. The principles we teach you, as parents, grandparents, home-schoolers, and caregivers, will truly help you give the gift of life-long learning to a child. These principles are NOT gimmicks or fads. These are proven principles that work with all children. Small, daily doses of these activities make a huge difference over time. Not only will you teach your child what expert readers and writers DO, but you will do it WITH your child. This powerful and interactive time WITH your child will build a strong, relationship between the two of you and allow your child to feel a great sense of belonging. Belonging is motivating for children.

Guiding Principles of DiscoverLit Kits:

  • Setting Goals= developing a purpose for learning and being able to make sure learning happens by paying attention, reflecting, and adjusting goals.
  • Autonomy= choice and accountability. Kids need both. Choices are motivating. They work better than a sticker!! (Hint: We don't do stickers!!)
  • Literacy + Content Knowledge= expert reading, thinking, and writing strategies, reinforced concepts, and opportunities to learn about the world around us. Knowledge builds competence. Competence is motivating!
  • Real-World Interactions= opportunities to observe, discover, explore, and experiment with hands-on experiences to foster curiosity and wonder.
  • Interesting Books= What you read COUNTS!! Fiction and Non-fiction books will be featured in Kits from month to month. We will also make suggestions for the best books we love to share.
  • Meaningful Activities= reading should be FUN! Our activities are adaptable, core standards-based, foundational, and important. But most of all they are the things we do with OUR OWN KIDS to show them how fun learning can be. . . for a lifetime!


Our story is all about collaboration! We have been colleagues and friends forever. Our lives have been intertwined for over 20 years, both personally and professionally. Most recently, Emily has been teaching reading engagement principles in schools and college classrooms. As a Clinical Professor at the University of Utah, she has taught teachers how to engage their students and build lifelong literacy skills. Michelle has been an adjunct instructor at the University of Utah and we collaborated on our courses together, which made teaching so much more enjoyable and rewarding.

One semester, as we collaborated on our college reading classes, Michelle developed the idea for a "Literacy Bag" term project assignment. This assignment was designed to help our college students build literacy skills in the homes of the children they teach. We used this assignment for several years with great success. In the meantime, Emily started teaching private Reading Camps for children during which she taught her students and their parents how to develop reading engagement principles in their homes. Michelle's children were students in Emily's Reading Camps and eventually, we combined our efforts again and the idea for DiscoverLitKits was born.

We know there are many workbooks, activity kits and reading programs, BUT we saw a real need to provide parents with a way to teach and instill the love of learning in their children. We want to teach parents, grandparent, home-school experts, teachers and other caregivers what we know so they can share it with the children in their lives. We want to teach children to LOVE to read and learn.

We offer beautiful books, engaging lesson plans and meaningful activities that are convenient, flexible, AND standards-based. We offer activities and projects that help children gain valuable, lifelong literacy skills.

Our kits are KID-TESTED, knowledge-building, and engaging. Discover the power of literacy - Read together - Get Smart - Help your child Succeed Give your child lifelong literacy skills - Spend quality time together - Discover Literacy . . . in a Kit!